Rabu, 03 Agustus 2016

Hearthstone Gold for cheat and codes

Is 4 months since the presence of the Dead Triggers 2, and in the amount of time I still also have not yet been able to find a quality shooter mobile game thumbs up as the game. How fortunate in March 2014 I play Hearthstone Gold Hack Commando 2 is the shoot from Hearthstone Gold Hack Commando and Hearthstone Gold Hack Commando D-Day. What is the only thing that makes the Hearthstone Gold Hack Commando 2 i cap as a game shooter thumbs up? I will very briefly outlined thoroughly through my review below.

In the story, no matter who is really important. I only read the storyline in this game in a glance only because the way forwarding less interesting, only consists of images of rigid and more writing. But the point is that you will act as a must combat action the insurgents countries. Not like Hearthstone Gold Hack Commando D-Day with the theme of World War II, in Hearthstone Gold Hack Commando 2 themes that you play is the theme of the modern war today.

My main spotlight is about gameplay. Not many changes compared with some of his prequel which means when you have never play his prequel, then you will not experience confusion when playing a Hearthstone Gold Hack Commando 2, especially about gameplay mechanism. But, view the level of the trend of the game is not too ngetop in Indonesia, then I think it is an obligation for me to explain the mechanism of his gameplay first.

In essence, with camera angles Third Person you must kill every enemy that there is in the screen gadgetry you. To do this is by doing aim then press fire (shoot) when you are sure you shot will hit the target. Every enemy has HP, different there that have HP many (gaming language Sisters namely HP thick) or have HP thin.

Shots toward the body has spillover effects on the damage that is smaller than the shots to the head. Yes, shots to the head will not make the enemy directly sprawled out dead immediately. Somewhat less realistic indeed, but for me it is not the problem because if too realistic this game may not be exciting to play because the enemy will die very quickly.

Targeting the enemy is the exclamation point in the Hearthstone Gold Hack Commando 2. The enemy that appears will be scattered in various corners of the screen so you must wara-wiri from the ends of the left of the screen to the ends of the right side of the screen. Indeed cumbersome, but from there I find the layout of the challenge. Another challenge is when you remove the shots with the types of info senajata, it is highly recommended to not shoot ala Rambo (for those who have not know, watch only films, shouting hey hehe).

That I recommend is to shoot with the correct techniques, namely by pressing the fire around one seconds, and then remove and then press the fire back. Because the recoil here made similar with recoil weapons in the world of genuine, internally shoot with this technique is a must.

While shooting at the "shoot" the enemy, you must also be wise smart-take timing to avoid attacks from them. The enemy that will be waged shots marked with laser beams which are directed toward the body you when you are not in a position to hide then you will was shot and HP you will be reduced. Variation of the attack the enemy is not just gun shots just normal, but there are also shots are explosions like bazooka or grenade.

To avoid the type of shots explosion, is not enough to just press the hiding, but you also have to press the switch position which is located on the left side or the right side of the screen gadgetry you. My experience personal, more easily avoid attacks the explosion than ordinary attacks, lucky damage produced by ordinary attacks far more small compared to damage the attack explosion.

In the struggle against the enemy, you are not alone. Because you can also form a team to help you shot at the enemy. You team consists of a maximum of 4 people (including you), 3 other team members will be controlled by the CPU. Each member of the team you can receive upgrades to increase damage and defense each.

Even when in battle, each member can provide assistance in the form of medic, grenade, or bazooka. Unfortunately for the requested assistance, you must have the preparations were first which can be purchased through the menu shop with the price